How to Study for a Mid-Term Exam | 10 tips

Bethany's official How-to-Study-for-a-Midterm-Exam!

1) Search frantically through millions of papers and books in the messy desk drawer for the study guide. You know you can't start studying because the 10 minutes of work already put in the study guide would be a pain to lose.

2) Clean your room and most specifically your desk. Even though you know you won't use the desk at all. The floor is much better in this situation.

3) Gather every single book imaginable on the topic you are studying. (In my case: The Hellenistic World + Persia. Varies from exam to exam.) If a book remotely touches on the topic at hand, add it to the list. There can never be too many books when exam-studying.

4) Gather self-confidence, the desire to finish the mid-term, and your favorite mechanical pencil for taking notes. Everything should be set now for starting the right way.

5) Start studying! The best part has begun! Try not to lose sanity after studying for 4+ hours. If you do, try the following...

a. Draw random Persian army men, perfecting your curled hair drawing skills. :P They aren't as hard as they look, and can give your mind a little bit of rest for 5 minutes in between studying.

b. Find a left-over chicken wrap in the refrigerator and have it last from 9 till lunch. And yeah, that will probably be one of the best parts of the day. Maybe close behind actually finishing the studying...

6) Have a glorious time of spreading all the books out, and sleuthing through every single one of them for any information on the given topics. Write out a paragraph on every single one of the 53 points that could be covered in the mid-term. Make sure to mark the pages you got them from, in case you need to come back later for more info!

7) When worst comes to worst and you realize you don't understand the life of Philip II and Alexander the Great good enough to write a long essay answer on it, resort to reading through a library book you got the day before to refresh your memory on their lives.

8) Try not to lose your sanity while everyone else is enjoying life and you're stuck in your room, studying for a mid-term - when you're not even in high-school or college!

9) Rejoice! Your ten page study guide paper is completed! Tell the family and relax, after working on it for 6 hours. And now brace yourself for the actual mid-term which comes up in a day. Try not to think about all the dates you have yet to cement in your mind, previous test questions that could possibly be covered and all city names + where they are placed on the Asia Minor map.

10) After relaxing, start studying something else! Besides, after studying history for so many hours, Spanish is a welcome activity. =) 


3:46pm [5.18.15]

A thought to go on my white board to ponder for the day... 


Looking Back...

2 years and 8 days ago... 

And yes, I did mean to post on the exact 2 year mark, but sometimes life gets in the way of things we want, so we must be cheerful about it and try something different. =) 


Courageous for Truth | A quote

"That the profaneness of times should not slacken but heighten our zeal. The looser others are, the stricter we should be...The more outrageous others are in sin, the more courageous we should be for Truth"

-Thomas Watson, from The Great Gain of Godliness 


...Life lately.

...lots of studying! Whether that be multiple personal Bible studies, world history classes for older brother, tons of grammar guides to get a better grasp on grammar + writing, Spanish/Portuguese/German, and in-depth looks into many aspects of WWII... 

This is what my room will generally look like when I go into my "studying-craze" at any given moment during a week. 

Though I'd hardly say that my life is filled with only studying! A more updated list will be coming shortly, including some pictures! 


[4:28 pm - April 9, 2015]

Playing with the little girls... and on to play a game of chess with my younger brother. =) Hopefully, he doesn't beat me too badly. ;)