Year in Review {Part 2}

I think that the rest of the year was a lot more exciting than what I just reviewed because it wasn't all just school and studying. =) So, yeah, this is part two - June and July. =] 

June 1st we opened our Bible Bee box. And no, we did not open it at midnight, like I've heard others did. ;) But this sight is a normal one for me... all spread out on my bedroom floor with all my notes and highlighters to do my studying. 

When I first heard that we were studying Jonah, I thought it was a little different to study a minor prophet vs. an epistle. But a couple weeks in, I knew I enjoyed this so much more than I was expecting! It was wonderful to shift focus and study from a different part of the Bible! So enjoyed the study though, and learned SO much from that book! Definitely my favorite Bible Bee year! 

This picture was taken at my graduation, June 6th, with my amazing parents! Wow. It's still hard to believe that I won't ever have to go back to all the school books... the daily grind of math, science, history, literature, writing, grammar, etc. I had the privilege of quoting the book of Philippians for my graduation, something I immensely enjoyed doing! And many thanks to my family and friends for encouraging me on so much the last year of schooling! 

And then after June 6th...our family did something we'd never done before! We went on a family vacation to Ohio to visit some really good Bible Bee friends! I had been dreaming and praying for the past several months that it would work out, and the Lord was very gracious is working all the details out so well! I still think about our time there and the kindness of our hosts. =] 

When we first arrived, we went to a little Bible Bee meeting, which was so fun! It was great reuniting with different people that I hadn't seen since last nationals! 

And a definite highlight of the day was getting to meet Sarah and Rebekah for the first time! I had known Sarah for about a year from on-line so it was great finally getting to see her for the first time as well as meet one of her brothers and sisters! Sarah! It was so fun getting to meet you! Thank you for your friendship, and hopefully we'll get to see you again this year!! 

All the girls. xD So enjoyed spending time with them that Thursday! 

And then we stayed with the A's for 4 days. XD It was great getting to know their whole family more! Enjoyed spending time with Rosie... cooking, talking, playing piano, and playing games.. with her other siblings of course! 

And I got to meet their little sister. =) Which was so much fun. She's such a sweetie and I loved getting to hold her. ^_^ 

And then they took us to a Creation science center which was really cool. Happened to enjoy the tour and outside activities so much that this was the only good picture we got. This was one of the neat outside activities we got to do... as well as going on a zip line, airplane swings, etc. 

And then on Saturday we had another get together! We got to meet the E's, as well as getting to see the W's again! Yup! This was all us kids from the 4 families. =) 

And then we had to say goodbye, which was so hard. =/ Of course, we had to get lots of pictures, and all left eagerly waiting for the next time we could see them again! 

And just a neat little fact... from both our families, we have 11 kids that have competed in the Bible Bee in the past years. xD 

On the 12 hour ride home, everyone was pretty sad to leave and just thinking about the amazing time we had the past week. Apparently our dad started texting about how the trip ride home was going, and we invited them to come and see us, thinking that it probably wouldn't work out. Lo and behold, they said it would! And so we set up for them to come visit us a month later! 

Though, 4 days before they come and visited us, we went down to Hannibal, MO to attend the Scriptorium! It was a great event of getting to hear different people from other states quoting Scripture! Throughout the past couple months, our family worked on memorizing Matthew 1-9 together, and it was wonderful getting to quote it for others! 

And for those of you who might be interested, we are now hosting a Scriptorium here, local to where we live! You can visit the site here - https://kcscriptorium.wordpress.com/ - for more info. =) 

All the kids from our two families. =] 

And again, I didn't get hardly any pictures. The 9 oldest kids from our families went out and did some flash-mobbing at local stores around us... which was so funny + ridiculous. Almost opted out of doing it, but was finally convinced in by my older brother. xD So glad I did in the end. ;) We got some great reactions, and I'm pretty sure we'll probably do it again sometime in the future... maybe. =p 

Christian, Rosie, myself, Carissa, Amy and Nicolas. 

So enjoyed spending the week with these people! Stayed up wayyyy too late most nights laughing, talking and playing games. =) And again, it was hard having to say good-bye to them. =/ 

Rosie and I! And yes, we are *still* trying to keep up our tradition from last year of getting a picture every time we see each other! So enjoyed getting to see you again, Rosie! 

And during this whole time, everyone is cramming for Bible Bee! Actually, I dunno if I should use the word cram, since we don't have the load we do for nationals. but we did try to study a little with all the traveling and seeing friends! xP

And next part up next will be of August - December! And after that, hopefully, I'll be able to post about life here and now. =]

Did you do anything neat in June and July of last year? 


Year in Review {Part 1}

Wow. As I think back over the past year, so many things come to mind. I would definitely have to say that 2014 was probably the busiest year of my life, on a whole different level. Of course, after every year, I think that one was the busiest and yet, this seemed to surpass them all! =] But, thinking back through it all, I wouldn't trade the busyness for anything. The Lord was very faithful, and I enjoy thinking about all the ways that He worked in my life. 

The following couple posts are to be my year in review - with pics and my commentary, as my sibs call it. =) 

Yup. This is what you call, "trying to finish up my senior year of school". Since I didn't get a full start on school until after Bible Bee in November, I had to crunch all my classes to get down on time to graduate! And this picture of my desk is the normal state it was from December to June! But I would have to say that this was my favorite year of school ever - got to study some of my favorite subjects... Chemistry, economics, American government, trigonometry, geography, and literature/English classics. =]  

And even in midst of all my school year studying, I did find some time to make some aprons. =) Made one for my mom's birthday and two for my friends' birthdays! 

Took this picture with my younger sister on my 18 birthday! =) For the longest time I was bemoaning the fact of turning 18, and yet it isn't quite so bad as I thought it was going to be. xP 

Chemistry. This like totally consumed my life from March till the end of May. Can't say how many hours I spent on this class. But it was totally worth it! It opened up a whole new realm of thinking, and I really enjoyed most of it. Maybe not the nights I was up till 11 stressing about an upcoming exam over the past 8 chapters, but it's all good now. :D 

And apparently, I don't have a picture of when I was studying for the ACT, but that's okay because it would have been just like the past picture... some of my study notes. But I took the ACT this past summer, and besides almost dying during the science section, I kinda/pretty-much enjoyed it. ;) Probably not my favorite in the world, but it was good for once. 

And this is the only good picture I got on the way to our trip to Texas in April. =) It was during one of the times that I was probably listening to music and thinking about life on the way there... my favorite pastime on road trips. And I can't say enough about this trip/conference we attended. Listened to some excellent sermons and had amazing times of fellowship with other believers. As a side note, this was the first of nine family trips in 2014 :D Yeah, we traveled a lot. xP

I had my own little garden! =) So excited about doing it again this year, as well as helping more with the family flower + vegetable gardens! Always enjoy seeing new flowers come up, as it reminds me it truly is spring/summer. xD 

Anyone who knows me at least a little bit, knows that I *really* like summer. So much so. I'd take 100 degree weather over 0 degrees any day. And so this picture is one of the many I got of our gardens the past summer. =) 

And another flower picture just for good measure, and because I really do like summer. =]
*dreaming of it now*

At midnight of May 30th, I took my last final exam for Chemistry and finished with an A! ^_^ Finished before Bible Bee started - yay! 

And that concludes the first year in review post of January through May! Next will be June-July because those months were superrrrrrr busy! xP 

How was 2014 for you? =] Do anything exciting between January - May?


5 Weeks Ago...

... my family got this picture. =] 


...and *more* national pictures. xD

[One of my favorite things of nationals is hanging out with friends! So enjoyed spending time with these people! XD] 

[Also really enjoy seeing friends interact with each other... and getting pictures taken. =) That's definitely a big thing at nationals - everyone wants pictures with everyone!] 

[Watching friends getting awarded for all their hard work. =D Congrats Courtney on making it to semi-finals! Wish I could have seen you up on stage, but even though I couldn't, you still did great!

[Watching siblings getting awarded for their work - Great job Carissa and David! Was so motivated by your diligence this year! I'll be cheering you on next year!]
[Can't go anywhere in the whole convention center or hotel without finding *someone* to talk to. ;)] 

[Getting interviewed! Some seemed to enjoy it. Or, *cough* you could be one of those who runs the other way when you see them heading your direction! XD] 

[Another picture with Rachel!] 

[Selfie with Christian and Rosie!
And somehow Titus happened to jump up from behind right in time!!]

[So enjoyed listening to Courtney and Brianna's song.. such a fitting song at that time of leaving nationals.] 

[My family! Minus Daniel... ] 

[So enjoyed our time at Disney World! Everything was so much fun... but I admit I probably laughed the most at the Laugh Floor. XD] 

[Another selfie! XD Thanks for being such a great tour guide at Disney World, Christian!

[Last group picture... so enjoyed spending time these people! Thanks for being such wonderful friends! Can't wait for the next time!!] 

And that concludes all the National Bible Bee pictures! Hope you enjoyed them! 


More National Bible Bee pictures!

[Waiting for Senior Orals to begin!] 

[Standing in line with the other contestants in our oral round group. So enjoyed the new oral round format that they had this year!] 

[Rachel and I after prelims were done! So good to see you again, Rachel, after a couple years! You did a great job at nationals, and I'll be cheering you on next year as well! :)] 

[Eden! It was so great finally getting to meet you and your sisters for the first time! So glad you guys could come!] 

[Esther!! Three years was definitely too long in seeing each other! So glad we got to see each other last month! Enjoyed the time we could spend talking and hanging out together! =)] 

[Rosie! I don't think we can see each other too many times in a year, right? ;) So wonderful seeing you again, and am already looking forward to the next! XD] 


Events at nationals!

 [The Memverse Meeting. Definitely looked forward to this time for several months! After studying with all these friends for 2 months on the same goal, it was great to finally get to see them all again! Also, fun finally getting to meet Bethany, Emma, Ian and Noah!]

 [Opening Ceremony! Though I didn't hear my name called for semi's, it was great getting to see other friends make it on! Great job, everyone!] 

[Watching the Challenge Rounds. Always exciting watching friends up onstage quoting and answering questions. And fun following along, and trying to figure out the answers first. ;)] 

[Friday Evening Festivities. Oh, my. Watching the juggler was so hilarious! I laughed so hard that night! And for all of those who were there, you will know what I mean when I say this - always peel the banana before eating it. ;)] 

[Closing Ceremony/Dessert Reception - Always such a bittersweet time. =/ So great to have another time with all your friends, but so sad knowing that another nationals is coming to a close. But even with that, I had such a great time with friends. XD Always fun getting last minute signatures and looking for your family picture on all the tables!] 


A few more pictures...

...of some of my favorite times in Florida. =]

[Taking a pictures with Carissa before heading down to preliminaries. Can't tell you how nervous we both were, but decided to have a bit of fun before taking the test. :D] 

[Meeting another Bethany! :) Waited 3 years for this! It was great finally getting to meet you, Bethany! Enjoyed all the times that we got together - and I have some great memories. :)

[Playing Dutch Blitz is always a must at nationals!
I'd say there were probably 30 people doing it with us, the most we've ever had!] 

[Getting ready to play the most epic game of spoons in the history of... ever. :D I mean, since when do you have to charge down a hall to get the spoon? I laughed so hard that night. :P] 

[Going on a roller-coaster for the first time in my life. My. That was lots of fun. A lot more than I was expecting. I just feel bad for all the people sitting around me, who got to hear me scream. XD] 

Sadly, I don't have many pictures of all the fun things I got to do in FL. Maybe some more will arrive in my e-mail soon. ;) But, hopefully, you enjoyed these pictures. :) And thanks to all the BB friends who sent me some of these!