My Little Garden. =)

I decided to try my hand at gardening this year. For many years, our family has had a good amount of gardens - various flower beds over our property, and now this year 4 vegetable gardens. Of course I'd helped water before, and weed sometimes if my mom wanted me too, but never had I a garden that I could call mine, and that was fully my responsibility. There was one little spot beside our shed that needed someone to take care of it. My mom told me that I could have it this year, and I have very much enjoyed working in it...weeding, watering, and watching it grow! So much fun to work in! =)

 {The day I planted my garden. Was very excited...even if it was a small beginning!} 

{After weeding it the other day, and watering, I thought it was time for another picture. It has definitely grown since the first one I took! My impatiens and hostas are doing very well. As you can tell in the first picture, they started out with about 1 flower per plant, and now we're up too 20-25 on some of them!} 

I apologize for the lack of posts on my blog recently. I finished up school May 31st, and am graduating tomorrow! Yay! Also, the National Bible Bee started up again on June 1st, so I've been keeping busy with that, as well as other things our family has had going on. 

I'm hoping to get some pictures of my graduation tomorrow and will try to post those ASAP (if we happen to get any on the camera), since this blog has definitely been neglected. :| If there are any readers left out there, I hope you all are doing well! Enjoy the summer! I know I am so far! =) 


11:28 am {May 14, 2014}

*Working on Chemistry problems* 

What are you all up too these days? =) 


10:28 am {Monday, April 7, 2014}

*cramming for the ACT taking place on April 12th* FUN. =) 


My Family at the Creation Museum!

Here's a picture of my family and I, that I found while looking through last year's Bible Bee pictures =) It was taken at the Creation Museum, in the walk through of the Garden of Eden: 

(Left to Right) Back: Bethany, my Mom, Dad and Daniel
Middle: Carissa, David and Amy 
Front: Faith and Ellia 



National Bible Bee Post 2!

The afternoon before we left for Nationals, all of us children headed outside and painted on our van! The year before we had seen lots of vans that had paintings on them, so we decided to give it a try =) We had lots of fun, and liked how it turned out!! 

 {This is when we first got there! Believe me....there was much, much excitement packed into that van! And once we got there, everyone was super excited to get out....and start the Bible Bee fun!! XD} 

 {Heading toward the convention center....} 

 {In line for registration. It was so much fun seeing everyone again...even if it was across the room :) There were definitely lots of smiles and energetic waving going on among the Bethany-on-down children in our family =D} 

 {It was so nice to have a kitchen...my mom cooked the best meals that week, and it was nice to sit down as  a family and enjoy them together!} 

 {Another picture of David, Carissa, and myself at the starting line} 

 {David going down to prelims the next morning!!} 

 {Escorting David down the hall to his testing and oral rounds :)} 

 {Gotta get my picture with my dear friend, Rosie A! She is so much fun to talk too....and I think we got our picture taken pretty much every time we saw each other =) Well, maybe not....but I do have a lot of pictures of us both on our computer XD} 

 {Fellow-shipping in the hallways! This is always a big part of nationals...talking with everyone! You pretty much can't go anywhere at Bible Bee and *not* see people you don't know =)}

 {My senior sis and I getting ready for orals! And just so you know, peoples, this sis is really good at Bible Bee...for the record, she has always gotten a high score that I the entire time we've done Bible Bee :D} 

 {Reviewing verses furiously on the way to the convention center for the oral rounds....STRESSFUL!! Actually, orals is lots of fun :)} 

{Talking with our local group BB after the opening ceremony....tears, because nobody made it on from our Bee, but very thankful for the opportunity that we had to learn from the Bible and draw closer to the Lord!} 

Part 3 coming soon!! 


National Bible Bee Pictures

We arrived in Tennessee in the early afternoon and spent the afternoon on registering and getting settled into our "home away from home". For most of the evening we quizzed on our verses, and went over last minute notes on the book of Ephesians. After much time in studying, we went down to start seeing friends again :) I guess most people were studying, because there weren't many people out, but we did enjoy seeing those who were out!  
 {Annalysa, Carissa and myself - so good to finally meet you again, Annalysa =)} 

{Emily, Carissa and myself - It was so good seeing you again! I was definitely looking forward to it, since I'd only seen you once before, and we'd gotten to know each other so well!!} 

{Taking David down to prelims...so much fun seeing people again that morning! Anywhere you walked in the convention center you saw little clusters of people talking and laughing. And yeah, don't know why I look so goofy...must have been to excited, or tired!} 

{Rosie and I - Wow, Rosie, can't tell you how much I was looking forward to seeing you again! It was good to talk with you again after not seeing each other for several months!}

 {Since we had gotten to know the A. family more this past summer, we enjoyed having them over to our hotel for ice-cream and fellowship!}

{Rosie and I enjoyed talking about what we had learned from our study in Ephesians!} 

{All the guys talked in the living room. And yeah, don't know why my brothers were trying to dump water on each other's heads....? And the others just look on and laugh XD} 

 {Our yearly picture with the Minica family - Matthew, Carissa, Courtney and I - you guys are so much fun! So good to see you again!} 
 {And then we started getting goofy and grabbing anyone who walked by for the picture...}

{And then everyone starts to laugh....} 

{And I have another picture of all being super silly, but it's quite....silly looking,
so I'll refrain from posting it XD} 

 {Dani, Courtney and I - you too are lots of fun! It was good seeing you again, and I've enjoyed getting to know you more over the past year!!} 

{The M. girls with Amy and I!} 

So...I have one other post to do after this. And hopefully I'll get it posted in the next week! 

{Rachel - Hope you're enjoying the pictures! XD}


It's Coming!

Yup, so this is the introduction post to my coming National Bible Bee posts! Here's just two pictures of us when we first got to the hotel!! They bring back so many fun memories!

David, Carissa and myself standing by the "Starting Line" =) 

My amazing family, minus Daniel who was taking the picture