More National Bible Bee pictures!

[Waiting for Senior Orals to begin!] 

[Standing in line with the other contestants in our oral round group. So enjoyed the new oral round format that they had this year!] 

[Rachel and I after prelims were done! So good to see you again, Rachel, after a couple years! You did a great job at nationals, and I'll be cheering you on next year as well! :)] 

[Eden! It was so great finally getting to meet you and your sisters for the first time! So glad you guys could come!] 

[Esther!! Three years was definitely too long in seeing each other! So glad we got to see each other last month! Enjoyed the time we could spend talking and hanging out together! =)] 

[Rosie! I don't think we can see each other too many times in a year, right? ;) So wonderful seeing you again, and am already looking forward to the next! XD] 


Events at nationals!

 [The Memverse Meeting. Definitely looked forward to this time for several months! After studying with all these friends for 2 months on the same goal, it was great to finally get to see them all again! Also, fun finally getting to meet Bethany, Emma, Ian and Noah!]

 [Opening Ceremony! Though I didn't hear my name called for semi's, it was great getting to see other friends make it on! Great job, everyone!] 

[Watching the Challenge Rounds. Always exciting watching friends up onstage quoting and answering questions. And fun following along, and trying to figure out the answers first. ;)] 

[Friday Evening Festivities. Oh, my. Watching the juggler was so hilarious! I laughed so hard that night! And for all of those who were there, you will know what I mean when I say this - always peel the banana before eating it. ;)] 

[Closing Ceremony/Dessert Reception - Always such a bittersweet time. =/ So great to have another time with all your friends, but so sad knowing that another nationals is coming to a close. But even with that, I had such a great time with friends. XD Always fun getting last minute signatures and looking for your family picture on all the tables!] 


A few more pictures...

...of some of my favorite times in Florida. =]

[Taking a pictures with Carissa before heading down to preliminaries. Can't tell you how nervous we both were, but decided to have a bit of fun before taking the test. :D] 

[Meeting another Bethany! :) Waited 3 years for this! It was great finally getting to meet you, Bethany! Enjoyed all the times that we got together - and I have some great memories. :)

[Playing Dutch Blitz is always a must at nationals!
I'd say there were probably 30 people doing it with us, the most we've ever had!] 

[Getting ready to play the most epic game of spoons in the history of... ever. :D I mean, since when do you have to charge down a hall to get the spoon? I laughed so hard that night. :P] 

[Going on a roller-coaster for the first time in my life. My. That was lots of fun. A lot more than I was expecting. I just feel bad for all the people sitting around me, who got to hear me scream. XD] 

Sadly, I don't have many pictures of all the fun things I got to do in FL. Maybe some more will arrive in my e-mail soon. ;) But, hopefully, you enjoyed these pictures. :) And thanks to all the BB friends who sent me some of these! 


A picture from the 2014 National Bible Bee

[Thursday evening, midnight, after the Opening Ceremony]

Hopefully, more pictures/news will be coming soon. But I can't promise anything, because things are about to get really busy at our house. =)


1:09 pm [October 23, 2014]

[Studying for the National Bible Bee... writing out notes over Nahum 1!] 


My Little Garden. =)

I decided to try my hand at gardening this year. For many years, our family has had a good amount of gardens - various flower beds over our property, and now this year 4 vegetable gardens. Of course I'd helped water before, and weed sometimes if my mom wanted me too, but never had I a garden that I could call mine, and that was fully my responsibility. There was one little spot beside our shed that needed someone to take care of it. My mom told me that I could have it this year, and I have very much enjoyed working in it...weeding, watering, and watching it grow! So much fun to work in! =)

 {The day I planted my garden. Was very excited...even if it was a small beginning!} 

{After weeding it the other day, and watering, I thought it was time for another picture. It has definitely grown since the first one I took! My impatiens and hostas are doing very well. As you can tell in the first picture, they started out with about 1 flower per plant, and now we're up too 20-25 on some of them!} 

I apologize for the lack of posts on my blog recently. I finished up school May 31st, and am graduating tomorrow! Yay! Also, the National Bible Bee started up again on June 1st, so I've been keeping busy with that, as well as other things our family has had going on. 

I'm hoping to get some pictures of my graduation tomorrow and will try to post those ASAP (if we happen to get any on the camera), since this blog has definitely been neglected. :| If there are any readers left out there, I hope you all are doing well! Enjoy the summer! I know I am so far! =) 


11:28 am {May 14, 2014}

*Working on Chemistry problems* 

What are you all up too these days? =)